Welcome to Globel Esports Racing

We’re an Esports Racing Team competing on the rFactor2 platform at this stage, we started out as WEC-Racing Simplified Team in 2016 evolving to Globel Esports Racing, with a focus on endurance driver swap events but not limited too. If you’re interested in being part of the Globel Esports Racing, then why not drop in and say hello on our public Discord Channel. Our vision is to provide a platform for ambitious drivers to learn, develop and race under the Globel Esports Racing Team Flag.

Globel Esports Racing is accessible to all, we have drivers of all abilities and backgrounds, that share the same passion for Motorsport and Esports Sim-racing. Formed in February 2016 under then WEC-Racing Simplified Team.


Why do you need a team in sim-racing? In virtual Esports racing, a team has many advantages. With multiple drivers available, If you are learning a new track, need a spotter or a good set-up, we are happy to assist you.
Above all, you have more fun in a team environment.

What’s the difference between community and team? A community is a union of many individuals. The advantages if you have technical questions or want to organize an event. A team is a much smaller group of people who all pull together. Over time, you should know where the strengths and weaknesses of your teammates are and try to combine them to get the best results. You are stronger in the team.

Who can apply?

  • Be available to Practice
  • you don’t have to be the fastest
  • Some setup knowledge would be appreciated
  • Fair but a competitive racer
  • You want to improve
  • You laugh a lot and also about yourself
  • You do not take everything seriously
  • You are both a good winner and a good loser
  • You are reliable
  • (Understand English at best)

What if I only want to participate in a race? No problem, contact us via Discord, E-Mail at globelesports@gmai.com.

Can I drive for you and for another team?  Yes

We are currently running in the M1 Endurance League, running a Porsche in the GTE class. We would like to enter another GTE and P2, If you would like to join us, Jump on our Discord.

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