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  1. Championship – Series Sign-Up

1 – Members must use the same name on the website, in-game, Discord, Racing Simplified, and SimRacing Tools.

1.2 – If a Team/Car/Driver is aware of potential inability to participate for an extended period to a championship/series they are registered for, they must notify the admin of the specific league via a post in the forums round thread.

1.2a – Fail to do this will result in the Team/Car/Driver removal from the championship/series.

1.3 If a Team/Car/Driver has been removed from a series due to failure to notify the admin of a specific league of there potential inability to participate, and wish to rejoin the championship/series.

1.4a – They will serve a 1 race suspension once they have applied for re-entry and their application has been approved.

1.5 – If a Team/Car/Driver cannot attend an event/round they have confirmed their attendance at, they must notify the admin before the event/round of the specific league via a post in the forums round thread.

1.5a – Fail to do this will result in a 1 race suspension for the team car/s that fails to attend.

  1. General 

2.1 – The club/league will not tolerate any member making derogatory comments/statements towards the club/league or a member of the forum, discord, Teamspeak, email or any social media platform.

2.2 – Patches and plug-ins are allowed as long as they do not affect the functions of the simulation, create an unfair advantage or affect other drivers.

2.3 – You must complete 50% of a Series (Championship) race to be classified as a Finisher.

  1. Incident Reports & Appeals 

3.1 – All team managers will receive 6 tokens per car in there team, per a calendar year 1st January to 31st December, 4 tokens can be used for lodging an incident report and 2 tokens for appealing a Racing Stewards decision.

3.1a – How the tokens work – it will cost a team1 token to lodge an incident report, if you are successful you will receive your token back, if you are unsuccessful you lose your token. once you reach 0 tokens, you can no longer lodge an incident report. The Racing Stewards appeals tokens work the same way.

3.2 – Only Team Managers are permitted to lodge Incident Reports and appeal Racing Steward’s decision.

3.3 – Teams Managers can only submit an incident report if one of there team cars is involved in the incident, team managers that submit an incident report that does not involve one of there cars will loose there token, and the incident will not be reviewed.

3.5 – All incident reports must be filed within 24-hours after the event/round has concluded.

3.6 – All Racing Stewards appeals must be lodged within 24 hours of the Racing Stewards penalties being posted.

3.7 Championship points will be posted after clause 3.6 time has elapsed and appeals process finalized.

3.8 Any questioning of the steward’s penalties in another form, except the appeals process, will be deemed as bring the stewards process and the club into disrepute.

3.9 When the appeal process has been finalized, the steward’s appeal process is final and the case will be deemed as closed, any further questioning of the stewards or an admin will be as deemed as harassment and subject to further penalty’s.


  1. On-Track

2.1 – It is difficult to define concrete passing rules, as every situation is different.

2.2 – Overtaking,  passing vehicle is ultimately responsible for safely completing the pass.

2.3 – Entering a turn, the overtaking vehicle must have their front axle even or past the rear axle of the car being overtaken before the turn-in.

2.4 – Chopping – Passing drivers who move back into the lane of the overtaken car before the pass has been completed.

2.5 – Brake checking – Drivers who brake suddenly in front of competitors.

2.6 – Bump-passing is not allowed as it is deemed to be a means of passing through unfair methods. The incident must be readdressed (letting the affected driver back in front within 2 laps).

2.7 – Blocking is not permitted in any way. Blocking is defined as altering ones racing line more than once in an attempt to prevent another competitor from passing. As this is an unfair method of racing.

2.8 – Altering the racing line more than once to break the draft is deemed as a form of blocking.

2.9 – Spinning – If a vehicle enters a spin, the driver should immediately hold the brake pedal to promptly stop the vehicle. Until the track is clear, the driver of the vehicle should remain in that position so that other competitors can assess the situation and avoid race-ending incidents. If the driver does not apply the brakes and an accident results from it, the driver of the spinning vehicle is ultimately at fault for the incident.

2.10 – Rejoining the race – Upon re-joining the circuit, the vehicle coming back onto the track is responsible for a safe re-entry. Ensure that one can re-join on a straight section of the circuit as corners could lead to potentially dangerous circumstances.

2.11 – If for any reason a driver’s vehicle becomes disabled, whether it would be on the circuit or within the pitlane, exit to the monitor. A parked car will cause a yellow flag and will disrupt the remainder of the race.

2.12 – Ignoring Yellow Flag – Yellow flags as displayed by rFactor are to observed by slowing appropriately for the situation. If a competitor does not observe the yellow flag and causes further incidents as a result, they will be subject to scrutiny.

2.13 – Passing under yellow-flags – is not permitted. However, if the offending competitor readdresses the issue, the penalty may be waived.

2.14 – Erratic behavior – Drivers demonstrating erratic behavior may be subject to scrutiny. Repeat offenders may be subject to indefinite suspension from competition.

2.15 – Lapped vehicles must hold their line to allow lapping vehicles by. Attempting to ‘move out of the way’ may result in an accident, as it is ultimately up to the passing vehicle to complete the move cleanly.

2.16 – Lapped vehicles braking suddenly could be deemed under the same category as ‘brake-checking.

2.17 – Failure to accelerate at a normal race pace out of a corner in front of another competitor is akin to ‘brake-checking’ as the following vehicle will most likely not be aware of the proceeding competitor’s intentions. Except for under yellow flag.

2.18 – Aggressive Driving – Competitor’s deemed to be driving in a dangerous manner will be subject to penalties.

2.19 – Readdressing – If a competitor is involved in an incident of which they feel responsible for, they are encouraged to readdress the incident by letting the other competitor back in front. If this is undertaken, this will be taken into account in the review process.

2.20 – If a competitor causes extensive damage to a competitor which would render their vehicle inoperable for the remainder of the race, the offending competitor will be subject to scrutiny.

2.21 – If a vehicle receives damage, it must return to pit’s and have it repaired straight away.

  1. Flags

3.1 – Competitors that are being lapped must relinquish track position within four corners, although they must remember to maintain their racing line.

3.2 – At certain circuits, corners in quick succession may be designated as a single corner for the purposes of observing the blue flag.

3.3 – If a competitor who is receiving a blue flag is able to pull away from the lapping vehicle, they may do so. However, if they incur a blue flag again, they must relinquish track position to the lapping vehicle.

3.4 – Lapped competitors must maintain their racing line to allow for safe passing. Any incidents that occur as a result of unexpected changing of the there racing line will result in the lapped competitor being subject to scrutiny.

3.5 – If the lapping competitor is able to complete a move around the outside without causing an incident, they may do so.

3.6 – Competitors are forbidden from creating yellow flag zones as this would potentially alter the result of the race.

3.7 – Competitors must under all yellow flag conditions, the competitors must lift slow down, proceeding with caution and no overtaking.

3.8 – Slow zones, all yellow flag areas are deemed to be a slow zone. You must lift off slow and proceed with caution.

3.8 – Red flags are used only in rare instances.

3.9 – Red flags will be displayed in the event of a significant server failure and with no chance of the server recovering.

3.10 – The race will be restarted with the restart grid order being that of the running order at the time of the red flag deployment.

3.11 – If the server encounters a failure before the 25% distance point during the event, the event will be nullified and may be rescheduled. The initial race will be rendered as a non-points race, therefore no championship points will be awarded for that race as a result.

3.12 – If the server encounters a failure at or after the 50% distance point during the event, the points will be halved for competitors, based upon the running order at the end of the last completed lap.

3.13 – If the server encounters a failure at or after the 75% distance point during the event, the points will be rewarded in full to competitors, based upon the running order at the end of the last completed lap.

3.14 – The starting grid for the restarted race will be determined through the running order at the end of the last completed lap in the initial race. This will be determined through the server logs.

3.15 – If a competitor retired before the red flag was instigated, they will be permitted to restart the race by the admin.

3.16 – The restart of a race will be at the discretion of the League Administrator. Factors to be considered include time issues.

  1. Pit entry and exit

4.1 – Competitors must exit and enter the pit lane at a safe speed.

4.2 – Competitors entering and exiting the pit lane must follow the blend lines and may not touch or cross the blend line.

4.3 – Competitors on the track are not permitted to use the pit blend line as part of the official racing surface.

4.4 – Competitors must adhere to pit lane speed limits at all times in all sessions within official servers.

  1. Post Race

5.1 – Competitors are asked to complete a cool-down lap or otherwise pull off the circuit in a safe manner, in a safe location and hit ‘ESC’ to exit to monitor.

5.2 – Post-race talk/chatter is not permitted until the last vehicle has crossed the finish line.

5.3 – Crashing into other vehicles, walls or doing burnouts after the race completion is prohibited. Crashing into track-side objects is also prohibited.

5.4 Burnouts are only permitted by the race winner/class winners only after completing a full cool down lap.

  1. Headlight and horn usage

6.1 – Competitors are allowed to use headlights provided that the use is appropriate.

6.2 – A sequence cannot last more than three seconds and cannot contain more than four flashes.

6.3 – If overuse of headlights by a competitor has been deemed, they will be subject to scrutiny and a potential penalty.

6.5 – The use of the vehicle horn is prohibited at all times.

  1. Chat

7.1 – Competitors are permitted to use in-car chat during practice only.

7.2 – Competitors are not permitted to use in-car chat during qualifying, warmup or race sessions for any reason. This includes apologies as well as verbally indicating pitting in and out. In-game chat is for admin’s only.

7.3 – The League Administrators racing Stewards will make posts. Excuses are not accepted.

  1. Track Surface

8.1 – Competitors must keep a minimum of two wheels inside the solid edge lines (which define the track edge) on the race circuit at all times.

8.2 – If there are any exceptions to the said ruling (8.1), they will be posted in the Round briefing thread.

8.3 – Competitors are allowed to go more than two wheels off the circuit in a bid to avoid an accident or to avoid another car. Competitors leaving the track in an attempt to improve their time or race position will be subject to scrutiny. However, relinquishing gained time or race position in a bid of readdressing the situation is acceptable.

8.4 – During qualifying and race, competitors must ensure they do not achieve their fastest lap time by running more than two wheels over the white lines. Failure to do so will lead a penalty.

8.5 – If a competitor cuts the circuit or all four wheels leave the circuit, they are required to slow down adequately to eradicate the lap being there fastest lap time.

  1. Driver responsibility

9.1 – Competitors are responsible to follow all rulings as specified in this document and the additional series rules.

9.2 – Competitors are expected to review the round race thread for any pertinent rule revisions for the current round.

9.3 – Cheating in any form will not be tolerated and will result in a life ban.

9.4 – Competitors are expected to participate in an ethical and sportsmanlike manner. Taunting, trash-talking and berating other competitors for any reason will not be tolerated and will lead to suspension.

9.5 – Pre-race preparation – We expect all drivers to prepare in advance for a racing event. All drivers attending an event are required to do a minimum of 25 laps practice on the rF2WEC practice server.

  1. Penalty Classifications

10.1 – Aggressive driving – assessed when a competitor displays overly aggressive driving.

10.2 – Avoidable contact – assessed when a competitor makes contact with another driver in a manner which is deemed avoidable.

10.3 – Blocking – assessed when competitors alter their racing line in reaction to another competitor in an attempt to prevent a pass.

10.4 – Chatting – assessed when a competitor ‘chats’ during a ‘no chat’ session.

10.5 – Failure to brake under spin – assessed when a competitor is involved in an incident and failed to deploy their brakes completely; moving on track after they have halted before allowing cars behind to pass.

10.6 – Ignoring blue flag – assessed when a lapped competitor does not give way to a lapping vehicle after two blue flags.

10.7 – Ignoring yellow flag – assessed when a competitor does not slow appropriately for a yellow flag zone.

10.8 – Passing under yellow – assessed when a competitor completes a pass when the yellow flag has been displayed.

10.9 – Pit lane violation – assessed when a competitor exceeds the pit speed limit, enters or exits the pit lane in an unsafe manner, enters a closed circuit or violates the pit lane blend line ruling.

10.10 – Track cutting – assessed when a competitor puts more than two wheels off the circuit other than when involved in an incident, mistake or accident avoidance or otherwise benefits either by time or position.

10.11 – Unsafe rejoin – assessed when a competitor fails to resume the race in a sage manner.

10.12 – Unpredictable – assessed when a competitor has demonstrated unpredictable behavior.

10.13 – Unsportsmanlike – assessed when a competitor behaves in a manner deemed to be unsportsmanlike by the rF2WEC Stewards Committee.

10.14 – Derogatory comments/statements towards the club/league or a member on the forum, discord,teamspeak, email or any social media platform.

10.15 – The rF2WEC Stewards Committee reserve the right to introduce new penalty classifications as the need arises.

  1. Penalties

11.1 – Severity of penalties is at the Racing Stewards discretion.

11.2 – You can acquire a penalty either in the race from the Racing Stewards or after the race from the Racing Stewards review or a submitted incident report.

11.3 – Penalties will be applied to your entry by Racing Stewards.

11.4 – Probation – Any competitor with a trend of reckless, careless or aggressive driving may be put on probation by the Racings Stewards. A competitor on probation may be suspended if another penalty occurs whilst on probation. If a competitor is again on probation and has another penalty, the competitor may be suspended for a length of time determined by the Racing Stewards.

11.4 – If a competitor has not registered for a vehicle and attempts to participate unless permission is given by the Series Admins, the driver/car will be disqualified.